About Merry
The Mission of Extreme Elegance Image Consultants is to have you achieve your vision of yourself. We combine wardrobe, makeup and coaching, giving you the tools to move forward with energy, confidence & spirit.

About Merry

Merry Nachemin, President
Merry Nachemin is the President of Extreme Elegance Image Consultants, LLC. With her lifelong interest in fashion and its connection to success, Merry is a consummate professional with the utmost discretion. In addition to her many satisfied clients, her extensive experience as a wardrobe assistant on the runways of many luminaries of the world’s fashion stage during New York Fashion Weeks, her work in the wardrobe department of a major motion picture and extensive training and Certification at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology qualify her to work with clients in building the wardrobes and grooming regimens that meet their personal and professional goals.

A lifelong New Yorker, Merry earned her undergraduate degree at   Brooklyn College. She did her graduate work at New York University. Prior to embarking on her career in Image Consulting, Merry was a licensed psychotherapist and the administrator of a mental health program.

Merry is unique among image consultants because she fuses her professional experience, the most current evidence-based academic and social research on image and her extensive fashion and color knowledge to assist her clients with the nuances of style and color choice that affect their careers and personal lives. She educates them about the nonverbal cues that are projected by clothing decisions and helps them harness those elements that emit success, confidence, authority and authenticity to propel them toward their life goals.

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