Image Consulting

The Fly in 5 Minute Face

You’re in a rush. Why bother with makeup at all? A study by economists Daniel Hamermesh and Jeff Biddle revealed that the “plainness penalty” is 9% and the “beauty premium” is 5% after controlling for other variables such as education and experience… Where do you want to fall in this equation?

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Fast & Fab in Forty

“95% of the workforce dresses inappropriately for their job…”according Human Resource Professionals. Do you want to be part of that majority?

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1 to 1 Building Your Packages

You will get the all of the focused but gentle personal attention required to customize your ensembles to your personal style, business, silhouette and coloring. Be in the top 5% of people who make a statement that raises their bottom line.

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Evaluation Essentials

Whether you are size 00, size 24 or more or anywhere in between most of us are conditioned to find fault with our shapes. By understanding where you are today in terms of silhouette, color, face shape, contrast, texture and pattern you will be able to make the most of what you have today. Contact us for a confidential, in-depth, professional evaluation. You may surprise yourself.

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Buy the Hour vs. Buy the Bundle

Still on the fence? Call for a complementary 15-minute consult. Still not convinced? Buy one or two services and see the difference in your confidence level and how others relate to you. Then you will convince yourself that the “bundle”, priced more affordably for each service, is the way to go.

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Gift Certificates

When you want to convey your caring in a special way, allowing us to guide your grad, friend, co-worker or relative by the hand, is unequalled. Clients have purchased gift certificates for bosses, friends, spouses and brides among others. Each one was met with delight, anticipation and gratitude that lasted longer than a box of candy or a bouquet of roses. So, if you want to give a gift that can last a lifetime EEIC is a great way to go.

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