Evaluation Essentials

Your Wardrobe is the Armor of the Work Place. Do You Have Chinks in YOUR Armor?

What sets collaborating with EEIC apart from shopping and building a wardrobe on your own?

No matter in what stage of life or business you find yourself, we work with you to build a wardrobe that makes you feel that you have “arrived” and displays you in your best and most successful light.

How We Do That—Our Process

We use our thorough training, thoughtful planning and firm focus of attention on you to develop the most fashionable, flattering and formidable wardrobe possible.

It is our mission to build a long-term relationship with you, based on trust, which will follow you through all of your life cycles. That means, what benefits you benefits us. Your success is our success. Your referral is our honor.

The way we do that is with a very comprehensive evaluation process.

The steps include:

  1. Color Determination »
  2. Personal Fashion, Style & Personality Profile »
  3. Face Shape & Characteristics Evaluation »
  4. Silhouette and Inside/ Outside Line Evaluations »

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