Silhouette and Inside/ Outside Line Evaluations

This is one of the most important evaluations we will perform. We will determine:

  • your body shape—hourglass, pear, triangle, or another shape
  • your proportions—are you long-waisted, long legged or perfectly proportioned?
  • what areas should be highlighted and which should be down played
  • what jacket lengths are best for you
  • what current trends are best for your investment dollars

Our Process

We will use our tools of the trade—the tried and true tape measure.

What’s In it for You?

Only everything. This part of the evaluation will reveal the best cuts of suit, dress, outerwear and even shoes for you. Is the asymmetrical look your best bet? Is ombre a good look for you? How about color blocking?

From this part of the evaluation we will determine all of the details that will set you apart from the crowd and prepare you for the business to come.

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