Buy the Hour vs. Buy the Bundle

Buy the Hour


  • We get to know each other and the process prior to a greater commitment
  • There is no further commitment if we decide not to continue


  • There can be a disconnect in the flow of the process between services
  • If only one or two hours are booked and more time hasn’t been blocked out, there could be a delay in the completion of our work until more time is available; if there is a deadline this could be of concern
  • It is more costly to buy services by the hour
  • No financing is available

Buy the Bundle


  • The process is more fluid and the goals are achieved in a more timely fashion
  • The work process flows organically from one service to the next for smoother results
  • Time is blocked out for more predictable completion of each step
  • Outcome is more rapid; there is greater control over deadlines
  • There is a financial consideration for bundling of services into packages
  • The cost may be financed over several months with the use of a credit card

Initial Discussion—The Talk

In-depth discussion of:

  • Your reasons for this consultation
  • Your current career/personal status
  • Your goals, dreams, wishes, desires, visions
  • Review of services and products and how they can facilitate reaching your visions

Decisions Decisions:

  • Which services or bundles work best for you at this time
  • Signing of initial agreement including payment options and timelines
  • Review of deadlines
  • Blocking out of time lines
  • Setting time and type of service for our next meeting


Let’s Make Up

  • The Fly-in -Five Face
  • The Bride and her Entourage
  • The Sleek, Sophisticated CEO
  • Time for Your Close-up
  • All Day/All Night

Closet Clearing/Wardrobe Assessment

  • Your magical go-to pieces
  • How to deal with magical pieces that have lost their luster
  • How to build on and expand your current wardrobe investment
  • What pieces you don’t wear and why; how they might be made usable
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