Fast & Fab in Forty

As a New Yorker myself and working with New York City clients for the last five and a half years, one of the things that I have learned is that we live in a pressure cooker—the pressure of impact, performance and results.

Each New Yorker is unique but we have one thing in common. We want great results and we want them fast! That’s why Extreme Elegance Image Consultants, LLC has developed the Fab in 40 System.

How it works

Face it. The morning comes at the least opportune time. With the EEIC Fab in Forty System you will walk out the door with a poised, polished, professional and powerful image every morning from head to toe, in 40 minutes, while remaining stress free. You will inspire your staff. You will inspire yourself. You will feel and project the confidence that will give you the edge whenever and wherever you need it.

How do we do it?

First we listen to you. Then we collaborate with you to custom-design templates that capture the optimal look for each situation in fine detail. Finally, we take photographs of you in the ensemble and put it all in a book. The day you want to wear it, you look at the picture, read the template and don the outfit. This is the true meaning of the phrase “no-brainer”.

How does that help? It short-circuits the need to create that great outfit at the most vulnerable time of day—the morning—when you have to rush to get out the door and have the pressures of the day on your mind. You are supposed to pull together an outfit that will blow the competition out of the water. How likely is that?

How do we Know it Works?

Every multi-million designer you know uses this technique when s/he sends models down the runway. Because of all of the advance prep and planning, those models get dressed in seconds. Literally millions of dollars in sales are riding on their appearance. If the system didn’t work, they would change it .

With the Extreme Elegance Fab in Forty System you can look sleek, chic and sophisticated even if you were up most of the night working on your presentation.

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