1-to-1 Building Your Packages

Phase #1: First, we listen like crazy: We are professional listeners.

You are unique; therefore, your set of solutions is unique. We want to understand you, and what brings you to us now and how we can partner with you to excel in your chosen field. There are no cookie-cutters here.

Phase #2: In-depth Assessment:

Face (shape, texture, pattern, size of features, hairline) Silhouette (Hourglass, Pear, Apple, etc), Color, Style, Career and Lifestyle. When you leave here, even your mother won’t know you better.

You will learn which clothing, jewelry and makeup and hair shades make you glow, which trends highlight your best features, and how to maximize the body shape you have right now.

Phase #3: Implementation:

Select from our array of Services: Based on our assessment and your goals, we will put together a package to meet the needs of your life.


From the Five-Minute Face to the all-day no holds barred press and media event we will work with you to select and apply our cutting edge cosmeceutical-quality cosmetics and skin care products to maximize your look. We will also follow up with lessons until you feel comfortable mastering every application technique.

Package Tiers

Tier I

Relaxed yet pulled together, this least formal everyday office attire is for days when you are focusing on the work you were hired to do and not planning to see clients. Whether you are working on a computer or pulling boxes from shelves this look is easily converted to a Tier II look should the need arise.

Tier II

Poised, Polished, Professional–Special event, presentation to client, meeting with colleagues or prospects.

Tier III

Sleek, Chic, Super Sophisticated—Media event, award presentation, major conference presentation or other event requiring an extra special appearance.

Style, Polish and Implement the Plan.

This is the key to your Poised, Polished Professional and Powerful in 40-minutes/day look. We check every hemline, pin placement and tied scarf. Then we take a picture, write up a template and deliver it to you to repeat precisely at will. Wh!en you are getting ready to walk out the door in the morning, there is no guesswork you are ready in 40 minutes, full of confidence and impact!

Etiquette Essentials

  • The initial handshake
  • The importance of eye contact
  • Making small talk in a big situation
  • Which fork is which?


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