Fly in 5 Minute Face

Your Goal: Look Polished, Poised and Powerful In Five Every Morning

Reason: Boosted Look = Boosted Confidence = Boosted Income

Tick-Tock Tips and Tricks for the Fly-in-Five Face

Get Ready:

  • Dedicate one area for you and your cosmetics alone
  • Use a lighted double-sided mirror
  • Ideally, place table between two windows for optimal natural light exposure
  • Designate a specific place for each of your products and pieces of equipment
  • Keep all shades in the natural color range
  • Keep tools replenished and cleaned on a regular basis
  • Once routine is established, use same products and application techniques every day—update and replenish seasonally or as needed
  • Keep tissues, clean cotton swabs and makeup remover handy
  • Use a headband to keep your hair off your face

Get Set:


Book an appointment now so I can teach you the professional makeup tips and techniques that will upgrade your skills and enable you to give yourself:

  • Flawless blending for the most natural look
  • Customized shades that maximize your coloring
  • The biggest eyes ever
  • Chiseled cheek bones
  • The mouth that defines your style perfectly
  • A discussion to focus on and deal with your individual concerns
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