Color Determination

As Certified Color Specialists, we will use our specially selected fabric drapes to select the colors that highlight your features and give you the freshest most effervescent glow possible.

It is not widely known that the degree of melanin, hemoglobin and keratin in your skin determines your warm or cool skin tone. When you wear the wrong tone of color near your face it draws attention to the flaws in your complexion such as spider veins, under eye puffiness, blemishes and other imperfections. It can even make you look tired or ill.

On the other hand, when you wear the correct degree of temperature (warm or cool tones) as reflected in your skin tone, it can enhance your eyes and hair and bring out the color in your cheeks and lips while diminishing any flaws in your complexion

How will this benefit you?

With your winning, powerful first impression, of course…

  • This will earn you more business. Whether you are walking down the street or entering a meeting the glances you garner will speak volumes. You will look fresher, more rested and more alert automatically no matter how many t’s you crossed and i’s you dotted into the wee hours.
  • Whether selecting shades for jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, accessories or even décor for your office or living space, this will give you a head start on the selection process.
  • You will be able to choose the shades and intensities that illuminate your strengths and avoid those that underscore your weaknesses, which will save you:
    • time, your most precious commodity, because shopping will be quicker and easier and returns will be fewer.
    • money because it will prevent you from making costly purchasing errors.
    • valuable real estate in your drawers and closets. You will not take up precious storage space with items you won’t wear.
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