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Question: My business requires two sets of clothing. One set is for when I attend formal meetings, make proposals and network. The other is for carrying out the work I have contracted for as a professional organizer and is less formal. How can I build my more formal wardrobe in a cost-effective way?

In the EEIC System, the wardrobe you are presently wearing is in the Tier 1 level. These clothes are professional but less formal for when you fulfill the contracts you have acquired.

Now, you want to acquire Tier 2 level pieces. Know that your choices send a message—whether you want them to or not. As you make your decisions, begin with your goal in mind. That goal is to acquire clients to build your business and achieve your dreams. That connection is very important.

Foundation pieces are designed to form a strong base upon which to build a great wardrobe. The tops are accent pieces which reflect your unique personality, originality and creativity, set you apart from the crowd, make you approachable as well as memorable and attract business. They, along with your well-edited accessories, are the spice that make your look interesting and varied.

The first essential purchase is a clean, basic, classic, flattering suit in a tropical wool or raw silk that is seasonless, timeless, flattering and rich looking. It should be in a solid, neutral color. It is the foundation upon which you will build the spicy wardrobe that is sleek, chic and sophisticated.

If the suit has a skirt as well as slacks or a matching or coordinating sheath dress, they are also great investment pieces because they will stretch your mix-and-match options. It will also make it easy to pull together multiple complete, sharp ensembles.

If your budget allows, a blazer in a different color and style would be a great option as well. Fill in with a sheath or other dress that complements the jacket, several pairs of clean-fronted slacks and one or two skirts and the foundation of your new clothing collection is in place.

The tops are where you can break out your sense of style. Vary the color, cut, fabrication and design. For example, a sleeveless cashmere knit sweater with some beading around the jewel neckline in a pale yellow is a distinctive way to express your sense of style and make a statement about your personality.

Other choices should differ so completely that even if you are wearing the same blazer to a second occasion, no one will remember the jacket because the blouse is so outstanding and memorable. A silk shell that has an asymmetrical, origami or architectural neckline is another great choice. It suggests, on a subliminal level, that while your principles are classic, you pay attention to and value attention to detail, have the flexibility to adapt new trends into the mix and are not afraid to take a calculated risk. Natural “real” fabrics, such as silk and wool, will endow you with a sense of real integrity.

Depending upon your personal color assessment, the amount of contrast in your coloring and the amount of texture and pattern in your face, cerulean blue, helio, lavender, and other distinctive colors or patterns that attract attention would make a bold statement and garner the positive attention you need to attract business.

Add accessories such as fine jewelry, scarves, great footwear and handbags and you are on your way to a fun, flattering and attractive wardrobe that will align with you’ your goals to achieve your dreams.

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