Do You Feel Special Today?

Great tips and tricks from Merry herself!

Do You Feel Special Today?

Whether you work from home, go to an office or combine the two, your energy is heightened when you wear reminders of the reasons you’re working so hard in the first place.

There are two reasons for this. Reason one is the unexpected client or business opportunity that appears without warning. For example, one day, after a day of teaching at Wagner College, I got a voice mail from the producer of Inside Edition asking me if I could do a segment on day wear NOW! She meant to get to the studio by hook or crook at that moment. While I couldn’t go at that particular moment, it would have been an amazing opportunity. If I were home working in torn jeans with no makeup on and missed out for that reason, I would have been really upset.

Number two is the message you are sending to the number one person in your life—YOU! By dressing down you send the message to your psyche that you don’t count. I could quote you all the stats connecting reduced productivity to relaxed business attire, but I’ll save that for another day.

So, the next time you’re working by yourself, put on some makeup, get dressed, do something with your hair and put on a favorite piece of jewelry—and let the magic happen! You’ll impress the bosses (especially if that’s you and your psyche) and inspire your staff and co-workers, as well. You might even get more business!

Of course, if you need help in any of those departments, give me a shout out.

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