It’s All About the Bride–Perfect Makeup–Step III

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It’s All About the Bride–Perfect Makeup–Step III

The Bride Must Look Like her Perfect Vision of Herself

Now comes the fun part!


The basics are out of the way. The bride’s skin looks like the perky complexion it is meant to be on this very special of days. Now what?

Ariana (name changed to protect her privacy) is a very busy, modern NYC bride. She is marrying one of NY’s finest. She is the daughter of a prominent rabbi. She does public relations for a well-known organization.

The ceremony is in NYC in full view of the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge. The setting could not be more romantic.

Ariana does not usually wear a lot of makeup. She really is a natural beauty. However, for her special day she wants to make sure that she looks her best both in person and for the camera.

She made it quite clear that she wants very natural-looking makeup. She did not want to look very made-up. She wanted to look like herself. We did a makeup trial a few weeks before the wedding.

I took some pix so that we could get an idea of what the final product would look like. However, I did not use a high-definition camera, have professional lighting or have professional skills.

After we discussed her makeup philosophy, I suggested the shades that I thought would be ideal. I made sure to write everything down as I went so that on the day of the event, the application would be smooth and flawless. Some things that I suggested were more over-the-top than Ariana wanted. For example, she wanted a very natural lip. I wanted to try a deeper lip color. She also did not want any false lashes. I honored her wishes.

When the day came, I showed up at bright and early at her parents’ house. There was a bit of drama with the hair stylist. What’s a wedding without drama, after all? And then I began her makeup application. I don’t want to say “transformation” because in the case of Ariana, we simply accentuated her own features. She looked exactly like herself.

Her foundation was Porcelain Mineral Photo Touch with coordinating concealer

I highlighted her eyes with Vanilla shadow. We used Black Amethyst in the crease. Ariana’s eyes were lined with Noire pencil and Indigo Automatic Eye LIner at the outer corner to subtly elongate and enlarge her eyes. The look was completed with SuperWear Mascara in Ink. This mascara not only lengthens and thickens but dries in three seconds and lasts until you take it off. It is impervious to tears!

I chose a Crème Blush in Crush to accentuate her dewy glow. Her contour was in Bare Bisque and the highlight was the Vanilla highlighter.

To get that perfect but natural-looking lip, I outlined her lip line in Tea Rose Lip Pencil. Then, I filled in the entire lip with the pencil. This would enhance the life of the lip color. The color that I used was Micro Mocha Rose.

I must say that Ariana was the bride of her dreams. I will let you decide for yourself.  Above are some before-and-after pictures.

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