It’s All About the Bride—Perfect Makeup—Step II

Great tips and tricks from Merry herself!

It’s All About the Bride—Perfect Makeup—Step II

The Bride Must LookAmazing in her Photos

The Right Extreme Elegance Cosmetics Can Help Create those Iconic Pix!

Mineral Photo Touch Foundation
Pressed BlottingPowder
Mineral Photo Touch Concealer

Following the Extreme Elegance gentle cleansing, light exfoliating peel, and the application of the right prep and primers, the next universal step in any bridal makeup application is perfecting her complexion and readying it for the her close-up.

Today’s high-definition cameras can cause havoc with many foundations and cosmetics. However, at Extreme Elegance we are ready to step up to the plate with PhotoTouch Foundation and Concealer.

What makes our products unique is twofold. First, they are specifically designed for high-definition photography. The formulation does not reflect light back at the camera. It is lightweight and natural looking. Yet, it is buildable. That means that if the initial application is not enough to conceal every imperfection, additional product can be applied without fear of looking cakey or orange. It also lasts all day.

The Foundation and Concealer work in tandem to create the perfect natural look. Following application of the foundation, Extreme Elegance Invisible Blotting Powder can be worn over the foundation to fix it and to take care of any break-through oils from that very exciting day.

Next Up–The Last Step: Working with the Bride to create her personal bridal vision.



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