It’s All About the Bride—Perfect Makeup—Step I

Great tips and tricks from Merry herself!

It’s All About the Bride—Perfect Makeup—Step I

The Bride’s makeup must look:

  • Fresh all day and all night
  • Amazing in her photos
  • Like her personal vision of how she should look as a bride

Step I—Prep & Prime–Looking Fresh All Day and All Night

Whether you are a traditionalist, an individualist who is super creative or a modernist, the products that help you achieve that fresh-all-day makeup are the same. It is the application techniques that vary and help you to achieve your unique style.

Extreme Elegance Brides start their day with a gentle cleansing. Then, a light Vibran–C peel is administered. This extremely gentle peel exfoliates the top layer of cells to reveal the fresh ones beneath. This allows the products and foundation that follow to penetrate deeper so that your makeup remains flawless throughout the longest day.

Following the cleansing process, we use treatment products that help perfect the skin. We will discuss your options with you at your makeup trial. After all of the treatment products or the moisturizer are applied, we use Instant Skin Smoother on any lines or creases to smooth them out. Following this is our Texturizing Face Primer SPF 20, which completes the smoothing process and assures that the foundation remains fresh all day.

We then prepare your eyelids with Shadow Magnet which assures that your eye shadow choices remain as fresh when you remove them as they were when they were applied.

Tomorrow: Using our Special Wedding-Perfect Products to Look Fabulous in Your Photos



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