The Top Seven Bridal Gown Trends for Spring 2012

Great tips and tricks from Merry herself!

The Top Seven Bridal Gown Trends for Spring 2012

The first trend, The Illusion Neckline, consists of sheer fabric where there would usually be bare skin. This look is super elegant and refined, yet allows the skin to show through.

Next up is the two-tiered skirt. This is an exaggeration the Spring 2012 peplum trend. The advantage of this look is that it can ably disguise ample hips.

The third trend is horsehair. Don’t worry—it has nothing to do with actual horses. This is a synthetic fabric that holds its shape so well that it has been used for generations in the underpinnings of clothing so that they drape as the designer intended.

This year, for the first time that I know of, they are placing it on the outside of the gown for effect. Expect to see more of it as time goes on because it is a sheer white fabric and can give an extremely dramatic effect. It’s like tulle on steroids.

Lace sleeves are the next trend. Since Kate Middleton graced the bridal aisle, this has become an increasingly hot trend.

The next look is the high-low hemline. This is where the gown has a varying-length skirt. Some people call it the “mullet” skirt because it is short in front and long in the back.

Capes have been a big trend on the runway as well as the real way this year. Now they are making their appearance going down the aisle in the form of capelets. They are generally made of lace or another light-as-air fabric that allows the bridal gown to show through.

Finally, the last big style is the Hollywoodesque trend toward the sexy back. Here, the back of the gown dips daringly low, in a graceful drape. This is the bridal equivalent of the red carpet look.

What are your reactions to these trends? Are you a conservative bride who looks forward to the romantic peek-a-boo of an illusion neckline? Are you a Princess Bride who looks forward to the royal tinge of the lace sleeve? Is your vision more Hollywood Starlet? Or do you prefer none of the above? Share your thoughts with us as you plan for your big day!

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