Brides!  Hang on to Your Veils!

Great tips and tricks from Merry herself!

Brides! Hang on to Your Veils!

As We Reveal the Hottest Trend of the Spring 2012 Bridal Season!

By Merry P. Nachemin, L. C. S. W. R.

 There’s a new trend in town for Spring 2012 and its gaining speed.

The new bridal trends are echoing those of the fashion world. A major game changer in the world of bridal is the increasing use of color in wedding dresses. This trend started a few years ago with blush-colored gowns. Since then it has expanded to include other colors. Even conservative brides are opting for color tints in their gowns. Hue in bridal gowns is no longer limited to pastels, either—there are brides who are choosing to wear many different colors up to and including black!

Here are the top ten colors for Spring 2012, as determined by the color experts at Pantone, and as deciphered by Merry:

Tangerine TangoTangerine Tango-This is the “it” color of the season for fashion in general. While Pantone favors deep, juicy, orange, the trend includes shades of peach, apricot and subtler tones, as well.

Solar Power—This is the yellow equivalent of Tangerine Tango. I like to call it Power Yellow or Hot Yellow.

Cabaret—Otherwise known as fuchsia.

Starfish—Also called tan

Driftwood—A deeper shade of Starfish.

Sweet Lilac—Just as it sounds, soft lilac.

Bellflower—A deeper shade of Sweet Lilac.

Sodalite Blue-A deep shade of blue close to denim blue.

Cockatoo—This hue reminds me of Tiffany Blue.

Margarita—This is a shade of pale mint green.

And the bonus shade–my own addition…

Blush—I am adding this shade to the mix myself, as it is becoming increasingly popular and even mainstream as time goes on. On some skin tones, it is more flattering than pure white or cream.

These shades are being worn in bridal gowns and as color embellishments, trims and accessories. They are also being worn in bridesmaids gowns.

Are you opting for conservative whites and creams or are you a trending bride ready to break free of the past and go for the independence symbolized by your new union? Let us know—let’s get this conversation started!

Tomorrow:  The Top Eight Bridal Gown Trends for Spring 2012!





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