Trend #2:  Runway to Real World: The New Nude—Not Your Mother’s Beige!

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Trend #2: Runway to Real World: The New Nude—Not Your Mother’s Beige!

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In stark contrast to my last blog about this fall’s fabulous red trend, this fall ushers in a second trend that is eminently wearable. I am talking about the pale nude shades that are featured on this fall’s runways.

The current crop of nudes differs from similar trends in the past because while it includes the traditional beiges it is expanded this time to include other solids such as blush pink, camel, nude, bone, winter white, cream, pale gold, golden brown and goldenrod among other similar shades. It also includes camo-inspired prints in swirls, pale plaids and polka dots as featured prominently by Victoria Beckham and Daryl K.

The best thing about these pale shades is that when worn as monochromes, they are extremely slenderizing and elongating. While you may think that a lighter shade emphasizes your width, in fact, wearing related or monochromatic shades from head to toe draws the eye to one unbroken line and reads tall and thin.

There are several caveats to wearing this look in the most flattering way for you:

• To keep the look interesting, pair different textures and tones. For example:

o If you wear a blush-tone cashmere pullover, pair it with a shimmery satin skirt or pant, possibly cut on the bias, in a nude shade. BTW, chunky sweaters are very trendy this fall, as well.

o You can also add texture in the form of a real or imitation thin leather belt that wraps around your waist a couple of times. This could be in a snakeskin or ostrich texture or an animal print that will add flare and interest to your ensemble

o For the tallest possible look:

• Wear a shoe or high boot that matches the tone of your skirt or pant to elongate the leg line.

• Make sure that there is no break between the skirt or slacks and the boot to “cut” the line of the leg. The smoother the look the longer and leaner you look.

o If you want to minimize your height you can:

• Wear a contrasting shoe or boot

• Break the line at the waist with a long, thin wrap belt that wraps around several times, in a contrasting color such as chocolate brown or black and in an interesting texture, as mentioned above

o Wear a thicker belt with an interesting buckle. This will also capitalize on the cinched-waist trend that is very hot this fall.

• Note: the thicker and more contrasting in color the belt, the more it will visually diminish your height

• Add some eye-catching, contrasting statement jewelry to add panache to your neutral look.

The Last Word

• It is hard to go too far with your jewelry here. Everything from pearls to beads to great stones are on-trend this fall.

• The other essential element to making this look work for you is to make sure that the tone of the clothing, particularly anything worn near your face, coordinates with your skin tone. How can you tell? If it enhances your eye and cheek color and makes you look fresh and vibrant it’s right. If makes you look sallow or washed out,  it’s wrong.

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