Fall 2011 Trend #1:  Red is the New Caffeine!

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Fall 2011 Trend #1: Red is the New Caffeine!

Although the thermometers soar to record high temps, the new fall fashion trends call out my name. They are not only over-the-top gorgeous but also highly wearable thanks to the challenging economy and the designers’ need to survive. Today I am going to tell you about the trend toward red as well as provide evidence that it will not only pep up your audience, but you, as well.

Whether you wear a daring red ensemble, or a less bold skirt, slacks or top or whether you opt for a s simple scarlet accessory or two, red will garner you the attention that will help you win at the game of business. It’s not bad for the game of love, either as you will note below.

This year, you will find head-to-toe dresses and suits as well as great bags, shoes, gloves, scarves and other accessories in this flamboyant hue. For the truly daring, a red coat is an outstanding choice.

If you opt for the bold head-to-toe look, then accessorize in more neutral tones. A camel, black or navy shoe or bag would be a great choice. Keep your accessories simple and let your ensemble speak volumes for itself.

You can definitely opt for one of the gorgeous shades of red lipstick (such as our brand new Luxury Matte Red Carpet Red, illustrated below) with this look. If you opt for that standout color, then tone down the rest of your makeup with neutrals.  A less bold option for lips is Luxury Matte Hollywood.  While it is more neutral it is a no less trendy choice for fall.  You might still opt for a neutral palette for eyes and cheeks, as the red carries a lot of impact on its own.

If, until now, you have not found the shade of red that flatters your skin tone, then try a few more shades until you do. Red can be warm with tones in the scarlet or crimson family or cool with leanings toward cranberry or burgundy. One of these shades has your name on it—so try a few options until you find the one that lights up your inner diva.

If you are having a hard time pinning down the right red, wear a shoe or bag, which is not near your face. It will still make the point but will not clash with your skin tone.

If you want more evidence that red is a great trend to try this year, here is the proof:

Did you know that research proves that red is the most winning color?

• Want the science? Scientists have discovered that red triggers the pituitary and adrenal glands to release adrenaline.

That’s probably why:

• Red not only affects those viewing you, but also makes you—the wearer—feel more energetic, as well.

A bold choice!
Luxury Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet Red
The perfect neutral to complement your Red Trend for Fall 2011!
Shadow Trio in Date
This Warm Blush Completes your Fabulous Fall Look
Mineral Matte Blush in Dusk

o Note: that makes it a great date color, too! Make passion your fashion!

• More sports teams with red in their uniforms win games and titles than any other color.

• Whether you enter a room to network, meet with a client, or make a presentation red is the color that will garner positive attention from your colleague or prospect.

• Red is the color of action, confidence, power, excitement, passion, vitality, exuberance and courage.

Haven’t I just described YOU?

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