Be Vibrant Yet Professional This Summer!

Great tips and tricks from Merry herself!

Be Vibrant Yet Professional This Summer!

As I watched the cars and buses stuck in the snow this long winter, I longed for the long, hazy days of summer. Finally, they have arrived. From a fashion point of view, it is time to let go of browns, blacks and grays of winter and go for the citrus and saturated shades that signal fun and a more laidback time of the year.

Just be careful of:

• Fabrics that are too sheer and revealing

• Necklines & hemlines that reveal too much and reduce your impact and authority in the marketplace

• Flip-flops—a definite no-no! Opt for leather sandals or espadrilles for daily wear and closed-toe pumps for more formal occasions

• The sun—a high SPF is a daily necessity—even if you sit in an office most of the day

Beyond that, enjoy the breezes, the tropical scents of the blooming plants and trees and the long daylight hours!  For questions or comments reach out to me–by click or call!

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