New Parent Pamper Gift Certificate Package

Frequently, in the stressful period of pregnancy, the focus of the family is solely on the welfare of the infant. The parental relationship is neglected. Help mom to get back to her alluring pre-pregnancy look—or even better! Give mom a post-partum lift! If mom is returning to the workplace this package will give her a welcome refresher.

Benefit to Recipient

  • Refresh the mom and put the focus back on the marital relationship
  • Let mom know that she is still valued for her unique self and contribution—mothering is one of her roles—not her entire role in life
  • No matter how difficult or easy the pregnancy experience was, mom can use some pampering

Benefit to Buyer

  • Satisfaction of giving mom a great treat and a much-needed break from her routine
  • Let her know how much she is appreciated
  • Give the marriage a boost as it adjusts to the newcomer—a happy mom makes a happy marriage!
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