Recent Graduate Gift Certificate Package

The focus of the graduate has been solely on attaining their degree; style literacy, as it relates to business, has not been a focus of attention. Appropriate business attire that merges the individual’s style with business wardrobe has not been addressed. Many times the suggestions of a parent or relative are discounted by a graduate. This package is an opportunity to engage an objective expert to help the young person step up to the next level.

Benefit to Recipient

  • Launch your grad’s new career on the right foot
  • Move from student casual mode to appropriate business mode
  • Enhance business opportunities from the launch of the grad’s career
  • Increase chances of getting that first job by getting a competitive edge
  • Whether the recipient is an attorney or an artist, we know the approach that will enhance career success
  • Young people are susceptible to the pull of the “pop culture” which can inhibit career success
  • Give the gift of image literacy: attire, attitude, etiquette which accelerate achievement
  • Give your graduate a leg up to launch their career more quickly in a challenging economy

Benefit to Buyer

  • For the recent grad, no matter the age, this is a great gift
  • You can feel great satisfaction about giving the gift of enhanced success
  • This gift is an investment in the graduate’s future—not just a one-time gift
  • Feel secure that you have invested in the future of a loved one who is about to enter a vulnerable and stressful new phase of life—the end of academia and commencement into the field of business
  • Feel gratified that your help is a contribution to the building of an essential new skill set at a pivotal point in the life of a recent graduate—when they are most receptive to new input
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