Brides!  Hang on to Your Veils!

Great tips and tricks from Merry herself!

Brides! Hang on to Your Veils!

As We Reveal the Hottest Trend of the Spring 2012 Bridal Season!

By Merry P. Nachemin, L. C. S. W. R.

 There’s a new trend in town for Spring 2012 and its gaining speed.

The new bridal trends are echoing those of the fashion world. A major game changer in the world of bridal is the increasing use of color in wedding dresses. This trend started a few years ago with blush-colored gowns. Since then it has expanded to include other colors. Even conservative brides are opting for color tints in their gowns. Hue in bridal gowns is no longer limited to pastels, either—there are brides who are choosing to wear many different colors up to and including black!

Here are the top ten colors for Spring 2012, as determined by the color experts at Pantone, and as deciphered by Merry:

Tangerine TangoTangerine Tango-This is the “it” color of the season for fashion in general. While Pantone favors deep, juicy, orange, the trend includes shades of peach, apricot and subtler tones, as well.

Solar Power—This is the yellow equivalent of Tangerine Tango. I like to call it Power Yellow or Hot Yellow.

Cabaret—Otherwise known as fuchsia.

Starfish—Also called tan

Driftwood—A deeper shade of Starfish.

Sweet Lilac—Just as it sounds, soft lilac.

Bellflower—A deeper shade of Sweet Lilac.

Sodalite Blue-A deep shade of blue close to denim blue.

Cockatoo—This hue reminds me of Tiffany Blue.

Margarita—This is a shade of pale mint green.

And the bonus shade–my own addition…

Blush—I am adding this shade to the mix myself, as it is becoming increasingly popular and even mainstream as time goes on. On some skin tones, it is more flattering than pure white or cream.

These shades are being worn in bridal gowns and as color embellishments, trims and accessories. They are also being worn in bridesmaids gowns.

Are you opting for conservative whites and creams or are you a trending bride ready to break free of the past and go for the independence symbolized by your new union? Let us know—let’s get this conversation started!

Tomorrow:  The Top Eight Bridal Gown Trends for Spring 2012!





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Rock Executive Presence with the New Spring 2012 Trends


Trend #1:  Is Your Fashion Focus Fuzzy?  Sharpen it with a Crisp Black & White Combo


By Merry P. Nachemin, L. C. S. W. R.


This is one trend that is clean, classic and impactful yet easy wear.

Here are some key tips to help you pull off this look with aplomb:


1.) It can be worn in solids or in graphic prints

• Prints that are great with this trend are geometrics, art deco, floral and futuristic

2.) Accessories can be in the same family or you can introduce a bold shot of color in your shoe and/or bag

• Matchy-matchy is back in a big way in terms of shoes and bags this spring and you can take full advantage with a pop of color that contrasts sharply with your ensemble such as lipstick red, cobalt blue or hot orange

6.) If you have a cool skin tone, go for absolute black and white

• You can complete your “cool” tone ensemble with a silver, white gold or platinum necklace and earrings to play up your skin tone

• If you have a warm skin tone, customize your look by wearing a:

• Warmer shade of white such as off-white, particularly near your face

• Almost-black shade of brown instead of black, which can be more flattering to a warmer skin tone

• Wear a warm color near your face in the form of a scarf or necklace

• Coral is a great shade for a necklace or a scarf—and another hot shade for spring

• You can also wear a yellow or rose gold necklace and/or earrings to reflect back onto your face and warm it up

7.) Since it is a fairly neutral look, you have many options with your makeup:

• You can go with a bold lip and neutral eye

• You can go with a more defined eye and a warm cheek and a more neutral mouth

In any case, as with any look, have fun with it! If you have any questions, please email me.












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Thypin Oltchick Event Huge Success–To Be Repeated!

On January 19, as I posted on this web site, I participated in the Thypin Oltchick event entitled “10 Hot-Cheap Businesses to Start in 2012”. It was in extremely energizing experience.

The good news is that 200 people attended. The bad news is that 100 people were turned away for lack of space! More good news: We will be doing it again!

We will be having another event by the same title on Monday February 13, 2012 from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. The address will be different, so watch this space for more information as we get closer.


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Attire, Attitude & Etiquette My First Presentation at the Science, Industry & Business Library in NYC (SIBL)

As I have blogged, posted and emailed, last night was the big night @ SIBL.  It went very smoothly thanks to friends who came to help out, clients who showed up, a really great crowd and Alex & Greg, who were the techs.

I am still on a cloud from it.  I present info but I like to involve the crowd.  The people who came were full of questions and very interested in learning how to create the magnetic aura that shows off their specialness and induces an interviewer to want them around—and hire them, of course.

The questions they asked were very interesting.  I talked about getting to an interview early.  One attendee asked, “what if the interviewer is late?”  That is a great question.  There are some companies who deliberately have the interviewee wait to see how they react.  They observe the frustration tolerance of the interviewee.  They want to see how the person reacts to frustration.  Is it right?  Perhaps not.  Is it real world?  Yes.

You know the answer to the question.  Realize that it may be a test.  Realize that you are being judged.  Do what another attendee suggested–bring some reading in case you have to wait.  Realize that all jobs are frustrating at times.  Let it go.  When the interviewer calls you in–glow your brightest and show off your fabulous personality.  Show them that you are a great team player and a pleasure to work with.

If you cannot do that, then perhaps this is not the position for you.  Your option is to leave and try another company.

It was very gratifying to me to work with the people who came and help them on their path to get the work that they deserve.

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Tomorrow’s Event: Picked up by Crain’s NY, NY Post & Manhattan Chamber! WooHoo!

I am very excited to say that the event I am presenting tomorrow evening, November 3, 2011 the The Science, Industry & Business Library (SIBL) “Attire, Attitude & Etiquette:  How to Prepare for a Job Interview”  was picked up by The New York Post, Crain’s NY and The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce!  I’m sure that being at SIBL & posting on EventBrite were instrumental in these postings.

I am so honored and excited!  Can’t wait!  Please call or email for more info.

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Trend #2: Runway to Real World: The New Nude—Not Your Mother’s Beige!

EEIC All Day Power Package
In stark contrast to my last blog about this fall’s fabulous red trend, this fall ushers in a second trend that is eminently wearable. I am talking about the pale nude shades that are featured on this fall’s runways.

The current crop of nudes differs from similar trends in the past because while it includes the traditional beiges it is expanded this time to include other solids such as blush pink, camel, nude, bone, winter white, cream, pale gold, golden brown and goldenrod among other similar shades. It also includes camo-inspired prints in swirls, pale plaids and polka dots as featured prominently by Victoria Beckham and Daryl K. Continue reading »

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Fall 2011 Trend #1: Red is the New Caffeine!

Although the thermometers soar to record high temps, the new fall fashion trends call out my name. They are not only over-the-top gorgeous but also highly wearable thanks to the challenging economy and the designers’ need to survive. Today I am going to tell you about the trend toward red as well as provide evidence that it will not only pep up your audience, but you, as well.

Whether you wear a daring red ensemble, or a less bold skirt, slacks or top or whether you opt for a s simple scarlet accessory or two, red will garner you the attention that will help you win at the game of business. It’s not bad for the game of love, either as you will note below.

This year, you will find head-to-toe dresses and suits as well as great bags, shoes, gloves, scarves and other accessories in this flamboyant hue. For the truly daring, a red coat is an outstanding choice.

If you opt for the bold head-to-toe look, then accessorize in more neutral tones. A camel, black or navy shoe or bag would be a great choice. Keep your accessories simple and let your ensemble speak volumes for itself.

You can definitely opt for one of the gorgeous shades of red lipstick (such as our brand new Luxury Matte Red Carpet Red, illustrated below) with this look. If you opt for that standout color, then tone down the rest of your makeup with neutrals.  A less bold option for lips is Luxury Matte Hollywood.  While it is more neutral it is a no less trendy choice for fall.  You might still opt for a neutral palette for eyes and cheeks, as the red carries a lot of impact on its own.

If, until now, you have not found the shade of red that flatters your skin tone, then try a few more shades until you do. Red can be warm with tones in the scarlet or crimson family or cool with leanings toward cranberry or burgundy. One of these shades has your name on it—so try a few options until you find the one that lights up your inner diva.

If you are having a hard time pinning down the right red, wear a shoe or bag, which is not near your face. It will still make the point but will not clash with your skin tone.

If you want more evidence that red is a great trend to try this year, here is the proof:

Did you know that research proves that red is the most winning color?

• Want the science? Scientists have discovered that red triggers the pituitary and adrenal glands to release adrenaline.

That’s probably why:

• Red not only affects those viewing you, but also makes you—the wearer—feel more energetic, as well.

A bold choice!
Luxury Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet Red
The perfect neutral to complement your Red Trend for Fall 2011!
Shadow Trio in Date
This Warm Blush Completes your Fabulous Fall Look
Mineral Matte Blush in Dusk

o Note: that makes it a great date color, too! Make passion your fashion!

• More sports teams with red in their uniforms win games and titles than any other color.

• Whether you enter a room to network, meet with a client, or make a presentation red is the color that will garner positive attention from your colleague or prospect.

• Red is the color of action, confidence, power, excitement, passion, vitality, exuberance and courage.

Haven’t I just described YOU?

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Be Vibrant Yet Professional This Summer!

As I watched the cars and buses stuck in the snow this long winter, I longed for the long, hazy days of summer. Finally, they have arrived. From a fashion point of view, it is time to let go of browns, blacks and grays of winter and go for the citrus and saturated shades that signal fun and a more laidback time of the year.

Just be careful of:

• Fabrics that are too sheer and revealing

• Necklines & hemlines that reveal too much and reduce your impact and authority in the marketplace

• Flip-flops—a definite no-no! Opt for leather sandals or espadrilles for daily wear and closed-toe pumps for more formal occasions

• The sun—a high SPF is a daily necessity—even if you sit in an office most of the day

Beyond that, enjoy the breezes, the tropical scents of the blooming plants and trees and the long daylight hours!  For questions or comments reach out to me–by click or call!

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Special Announcement!!

I was asked today to present regularly at the Kings Highway Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library located at 2115 Ocean Avenue. My next presentation will take place on Wednesday June 29, 2011 from 4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

While we will focus on Attire, Attitude and Etiquette for Your Job Interview in the New Normal Job Market, this ongoing meeting will provide support for people searching for meaningful work in this challenging market.

Please join us for this active meeting and find your power and success in the support, information and feedback that you will find here.

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Follow-Up: What I Learned from the Audience at My Presentation

My Message: No Matter Who You Work For, You are Always the CEO of YOU!

It is Always Best to Negotiate from a Position of Power—Tell your Interviewer What You Bring to the Table to Help their Company

As you know, the three prior blogs that I posted were related to the presentation I prepared for my local library, the Ocean Avenue Branch. I must say that I found the experience exhilarating. No amount of preparation can prepare you for the impact of real people who show up with their real-world issues and experiences.

What I learned from my audience was that wearing the right clothes and preparing the right resume is only the first scene of a multi-act show. In addition to those steps, it is essential to remember that you are far more employable if you:

• Place yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Think about the budget cuts they may be facing. Think about the work they are hiring you to do. Think about what you can offer them that others may not.

o Invest time in researching your field as well as specific companies in which you are interested.

• Find out who the President and CEO are as well as any other major players. Google your interviewer to get some idea of their background. Knowledge is power.

• Find out how the company fared last year and in the last quarter.

• Find out who their competitors are—every company has competitors.

• Tell them why their company appeals to you.

• Prepare all of your comments in advance so you will be less likely to be caught off guard.

• Don’t wear blinders. Yes, you are concerned about paying your bills and putting food on the table. But:

o Pick your head up long enough to glance at a newspaper and have a general idea of what is going on in the world, even if it does not appear to effect you directly.

o Desperation is not an attractive trait. You are there to do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Dignity and self-esteem are attractive traits than enhance your employability.

o Your personal and financial concerns are not their problem.

• NEVER allow yourself to be placed in a sexually or other compromising position in exchange for work.

Remember—the prospective employer is not there is make sure you have medical coverage and a paid vacation. They are there to get a job done. You are there to make sure that they see you are the best one to get it done.

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